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Our mindful little step

When we sat down to brainstorm with our team regarding our impact on the environment, we came up with the following questions:
  1. How can we as a startup brand be conscious about reducing waste and pollution footprint?
  2. How can we reuse or recycle disused materials in our design and manufacturing process?
  3. How can our philosophy be shared and adapted by our customers
Such discussions led to the adoption of seed paper hang tags. As an apparel brand we want to make more environmental-friendly choices and so we took this small step towards it.
Generally, paper or plastic tags are detached from the brand new apparel and thrown away in landfills. It takes several hundred years for these tags to get decomposed by the soil's microorganisms. However, if we were to swap regular paper or plastic tags with handmade seed paper tags, it provides opportunity to the consumer to plant the tag and derive joy in watching the seed germinate and grow into a beautiful plant.


Our plantable seed tags are made from a biodegradable and recycled eco-paper with flower seeds embedded within. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper decomposes. All that is left behind are flowers, herbs or vegetables, and no waste to pollute the mother nature.

One may find that each tag looks subtly different but that's the beauty of something handmade that we embrace in our fabrics and clothes that we design.

At ARAAYEH we don't see sustainability as a goal but as a part of our journey. At every step from sourcing the fabric from the remote villages across India till the packaging, we try and make sure that we reprocess our waste in the form of handmade textile jewellery or in our packaging.

We hope that this small lovely gift for our ARAAYEH friends be eventually a sweet reminder of that special purchase every time they pop into their gardens.

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